Moon Phases

Animation of the phases of the moon

An animation showing the complete cycle of Moon phases. Credit: Wikipedia.

Full moon photographed from Apollo 11

29.5 - the approximate duration of the full lunar month, in days (29 days, 12 hours, 43 minutes and 11.6 seconds to be exact).

List of Phases of the Lunar Moon

New Moon - Shrouded.

Waxing Crescent - The crescent getting larger.

First Quarter - When half the Moon can be seen.

Waxing Gibbous phase - More of the Moon can be seen.

Full Moon - All of the Moon can be seen.

Waning Gibbous phase - Moon getting smaller.

Last Quarter - Half the Moon is now seen.

Waning Crescent - Less and less of the Moon surface is seen, until the return to a New Moon.

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